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5959 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Dog House, Los Angeles' Original Dog Daycare

Dogs attending daycare must be social with people and dogs of all sizes. If you are uncertain of your dogs' social level, please consult a certified behaviorist or dog trainer to evaluate your dog before bringing him to ANY off-leash dog area. Please note that we will not be admitting any new Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and most mixes thereof to daycare.

Please note: We offer a 30 minute grace period for pick-up until 7:30 p.m.!

Thank you for choosing The Dog House as your daycare provider

The Dog House opened in 1995 as Los Angeles’ first Dog Daycare facility. It has been under the current ownership since 2001. Our many years of experience will benefit your dog and help create the best possible experience.
There are many advantages to our approach to caregiving. Here are a few examples:
  • - Our staff studies, and is tested in dog play behavior and body language. There are many facets to dog interactions, and our extra knowledge helps encourage constructive play and appropriate behavior.
  • - The Dog House is small enough for close supervision, yet large enough to allow room to play. We do not have as many dogs as larger facilities, nor do we have to section off dogs in areas – they have the freedom to play, observe, or interact with us as they choose.
  • - Our layout provides many spots in which to rest, which is an important component of a constructive day. The ability to self regulate these play/rest cycles is much harder to accomplish in penned sections within larger facilities. Even the most playful dogs take a rest for a bit at a time! When we feel dogs need to take a break, we also have a centrally located quiet room for them to do so. Encouragement of rest such as these nap breaks helps contribute to healthy self-regulation of energy.
  • - The Dog House has a small outdoor patio, which includes a gravel area for potty. We do not take dogs off premises for potty breaks. We believe it is much safer for each dog this way.
  • - We are passionate about dogs! Our staff are true dog lovers, not just hired help. The Dog House is not part of a chain or large corporation. We provide hands on care and attention!
We look forward to being a part of your dog’s life. Thanks again for choosing The Dog House!


Daycare Rates

Single Full Day - $35.00/day
Half Day (Four hours or less) - $25.00
Double Dog
Single Full day: $45.00
Half Day: $34.00
Multi-Day - $31.50

Pre-paid visit Series Packages are the best value!

Daycare Series Package of 10 visits: $315.00 ($31.50/day = 10% off)
Daycare Series Package of 20 visits: $580 ($29/day = 20% off)
Double Dog Series Package of 10 visits: $450.00 ($450/day)
Double Dog Series Package of 20 visits: $820.00 ($41/day)
*No half days on series, please

Dogs Resting — Dogs in Los Angeles, CA
While Daycare Series Packages are by far the best value and most convenient, the packages must be pre-paid. Clients purchasing Daycare Series Packages must leave a valid credit card on file with us.

"Club Room Lounging"
Sleeping Security Dog — Dogs in Los Angeles, CA
Additional Information
Curb Service!
We know how challenging parking can be in our area- once you are an established client, we would be happy to come out to the curb to bring your dog in or out for you.
Shuttle Service!
Busy Schedule? Does your dog need a ride to daycare or to your home? We can help! Ask about our Shuttle Service. Rates vary based on distance and frequency of visits; range is between $6.50 to $12 each way.

Premium Dog Food & Treats!
The Dog House carries top brands, including The Honest Kitchen, Orijen, Natural Balance, Taste Of The Wild. If you don't see your brand, just ask & maybe we can order it for you!
The Dog House L.A. requires that dogs visiting for Daycare must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.
The Dog House L.A. requires proof of vaccines or recent Titer tests prior to first visit. Your vet should be happy to provide you with a copy.
Please read this Position Statement on Puppy Socialization from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior - important info regarding the many benefits of early socialization for puppies!